Why Forestry

Forestry: the best alternative investment - money really can grow on trees

Forestry investments are a smart financial choice because :

  • It is an alternative investment with a tangible asset
  • It produces a steady income from the production of wood, but also from the increase of land value
  • It protects the investor against inflation and stock market fluctuations
  • The demand for timber is increasing, as forests disappear, so this is a definite growth sector
  • In tough times, real assets such as forestry outperform other financial investments


invest in forestry
invest in forestry

Investing to protect the environment

This is a serious problem for future generations, as trees play a key role in absorbing the greenhouse gases that drive global warming. They also protect and bind the soil, regulate the climate and contribute to the water cycle and are a vital habitat for wildlife, a resource for people and livelihood for millions. Predictions are that the world’s rain forests could vanish entirely if the current rate of deforestation continues – so the time to act is now!

“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”
― Chinese proverb

It is our responsibility to safeguard the world’s forests by investing in sustainable forestry. By investing in this sector, you are taking an important step in protecting the environment.

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