Investment Overview

green investment

A Green Investment

The experts from JP Capital have created a highly attractive investment package, based around the tangible assets that you can see and feel – land and forestry plantations in Uruguay. This green investment is secure, sustainable, environmentally-friendly and offers attractive long term returns.

JP Capital is working alongside some of the most seasoned, experienced, reputable forestry companies in Uruguay. By working together, investors have access to the best financial experts and on the ground forestry management to ensure the investment thrives.

JP Capital offers individual, prime forestry parcels of varying sizes which will be used to grow sustainable Eucalyptus plantations. These parcels are subdivided, fully managed and operated on our investors’ behalf. Turn-key investments are all-inclusive and offer projected returns of above 70% for the first 10 years and 85%+ for the second 10 year cut.

The financial experts of JP Capital advise to hold your investment in the name of a Uruguayan offshore company. This simple process, part of the investment package, provides not only for anonymity and protections from claims, but is very tax efficient and allows for smooth transfers of ownership to your offshore trust or children. You will then be able to operate your offshore company with an offshore bank account in Uruguay and we will assist you with the opening of a bank account and the management of the company. Please ask our advisers for further details.

Why Eucalyptus?

    • Eucalyptus plantations give forestry investors the highest yields according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations


    • Growing eucalyptus commercially can earn $10,000 per hectare


    • Trees reach a harvestable size in 6-8 years, producing 20 green tons per acre per year


    • These trees sprout from the old stump and so second harvests are made in another 6 to 8 years, with 3-4 growing cycles usual from one seedling without any additional investment (with the exception of a basic management fee)


  • The fast growth rate and multiple growth cycles with no additional investment make these highly profitable species for forestry investments


Please contact one of the JP Forestry Investment Team to find out more about this incredible investment opportunity and request the investment breakdown.