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Five exciting developments for Uruguay

As we have 2,000 hectares of land and forestry investments based in Uruguay, we keep a close eye on developments in its economy and wanted to show you five new developments which make it a very attractive place to invest. Growing export market into China – Uruguay has recently signed a protocol to allow Uruguayan…
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How smart investors respond to uncertainty

There are a growing number of Wall Street veterans who are coming out to publicly warn against risky assets at a time of global turmoil. Many big players are advising investors to reduce risk, and avoid emerging-market bonds, stating that they feel that many stocks are overvalued and now is the time to reduce risk…
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Taxes in Uruguay

If you haven’t considered Uruguay as an offshore location either as a resident, or an investment location, it’s a great time to take a look at the benefits it can offer. The security, stability and location of Uruguay, away from the unstable Eurozone and US is a benefit in itself and it’s rules and regulations…
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Why the smart investments are in timber and forestry

We believe that investing in forestry and timberland makes a smart decision as a great long term alternative investment as it is a tangible asset which produces a steady income both in land appreciation and the production of wood. As well as being a great investment, it is also an ethical investment as it protects…
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