Invest in our planet, safeguard your wealth and help the environment

In a volatile world with an uncertain political and financial future

where can you turn?

Investing in sustainable forestry in Uruguay offers a tangible, secure and eco-friendly investment in

the Switzerland of South America

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Our secure and tangible forestry investments allow you to contribute to improving the environment, while protecting yourself from the increasing volatility and risks of stock markets, unpredictable currency fluctuations and mounting political and economic turmoil on a global scale.

With Brexit having plunged the future of the UK into uncertainty, a disintegrating EU posing an imminent threat to the Euro currency, and America in political upheaval, there’s no doubt we are in a changing era. With global financial markets strongly correlated in today’s world, the risk of a collapse of one single market or currency can no longer be ruled out and would undoubtedly have a ripple effect across the world.

An increasing number of powerful international investors and entrepreneurs are seeking safe-havens in far-flung, protected corners of our world, investing with great foresight in non-correlated, tangible and reproducing assets allowing which support our planet and protect our environment. Agriculture, timber and and forestry investments are amongst the most attractive and sensible choices today. Global investment in agriculture and forestry have risen significantly over recent years, with 240 funds operating in the food & agriculture sector, against 33 in 2005 representing $45 Billion as of 2014.

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Whilst most agriculture and forestry investments are only being conducted on a large scale, as they are difficult to structure and manage for the average investor, JP Capital Forestry has been successful in creating a unique and tailor-made product, perfectly suited for the individual investor seeking a sensible diversification of his portfolio.

Our financial experts have combined a responsible green investment wrapped in a protective, safe and anonymous offshore package to maximize your financial return, minimize taxes and protect your precious wealth for future generations to come. An intelligent choice to hedge any type of portfolio and provide a non-correlated investment.

Backed by JP Capital Investments Ltd. a respected, well-established finance group with more than 14 years’ experience in structuring cutting-edge investments for a demanding international clientele, you know your investment is in safe hands. Located in the ‘Switzerland of South America’: Uruguay, with a free economy, stable political environment, strong welfare state, educated workforce and pro-market government policies. It represents a safe haven for your investment far from the chaos in Europe and the US.


Surviving the Turmoil

Following the financial crash, Brexit vote and Trump’s election there are fears about market volatility and the strength of the banking system. Find out how to safeguard your investments.


forestry investments

Helping the environment

Forests are essential for our survival and mitigate climate change by absorbing C02, plus a host of other benefits, yet they are disappearing. Invest in forests for the world’s future and yours.


forestry investment

Building a safe nest egg

In these uncertain times, you need tangible investments, which will survive against all odds. Build a nest egg in a safe country, far removed from today’s political and economic madness.


forestry investments Uruguay

The new Switzerland

Uruguay is a safe haven, with a stable government, low corruption, a strong welfare system and pro-market policies. This makes it an ideal place for investment.


timber investments

Why invest in eucalyptus?

Eucalyptus is the most effective tree for storing carbon, it grows quickly, provides quality wood for paper and energy production and can regenerate from the old stump!


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Backed by 14 years’ experience

This exciting new investment opportunity is brought to you by JP Capital Investments, a boutique finance company with over 14 years’ experience and more than $1bn in transactional volume.